CJN Machinery Corporation has helped many healthcare firms with their requirements of customized precision parts like surgery equipment, mold cavities and cores, and prosthetic knee and hip replacement joints.

Lead Lined - We are a specialized manufacturer of both standard and customized lead lined laboratory furniture. We manufacture furniture that can support your specific requirements such storage, refrigeration, and waste.

Phantoms - We manufacture a wide range of medical imaging phantoms (including flood phantoms, bar phantoms, lung-spine SPECT phantom, cardiac insert, triple line insert and more) that provide consistent results.

Imaging Accessories - We manufacture different types of diagnostic imaging accessories for various clinical applications such as positioning wedges, Imagining chair, arms support strap, easy mover, etc.

Exam Tables - We are renowned for manufacturing a wide range of medical exam tables that are efficient and offer complete safety. Our tables are designed to match the requirements of both, patients and doctors. You can make a selection from our fixed C-arm table, scanner cart and multi-purpose exam tables.