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CJN Machinery Corporation is a renowned mechanical manufacturing firm. We have been in business since 1989. CJN Machinery Corporation manufactures parts for many local and nationwide companies, including some very popular names in the industry. We have worked for companies such as East/West Industries, VJ technologies, and BASF for customized specialty products.

CJN Machinery Corporation has also been working for Brookhaven National Laboratory for Lightsource work. We have earned a special reputation for manufacturing parts for the Freedom Tower and Battery Park as well. We are MIG/TIG certified for stainless steel, aluminum, and steel. We have worked for different industries including medical, military, recreational, and commercial.

Industries Served

OUR Services
Mig/Tig certified welding

CJN Machinery Corporation’s welding services are Mig/Tig certified. We are equipped with many welding stations and tools that enable us to meet stringent industry standards.

R&D Work

CJN Machinery Corporation is one of the leading firms in the manufacturing industry. Our Research & Development services are backed by the years of experience...

Prototype through production

CJN Machinery Corporation specializes in making prototypes (of plastic to stainless steel products). Designing is an inseparable part of our prototyping process.

Turnkey Operations complete to assembly

CJN Machinery Corporation can help you with the most sophisticated turnkey solutions ever. We have been providing turnkey solutions to a long list of clients from various industries...

Turning and Milling

CJN Machinery Corporation is a renowned name for top class turning and milling services. We are well equipped to provide the finest turning and milling services for each project.



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